Humlbe Pie, Burnham Market
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The tiny white lights are twinkling in the trees, the church is floodlit, the Salvation Army band is playing and there is a waft of burning chestnuts... Yes, it's that time of year again, when Burnham Market lends itself to the beauty of Christmas. Even after nearly 30 years of the Traders lighting the trees and the shops garlanded with lights - the first glimpse of The Green is still a magical experience.

As I write, the smell of Christmas puddings pervades the house as well as the shop, soon to be joined by the tang of ripening Colston Bassett Stilton's; the one year old Montgomery Cheddars, weighing 50lbs each are maturing in the barn and all over North Norfolk our talented bunch of cooks are preparing amazing goodies for the festive season. Dianne is busy making Christmas cakes, Wicked Chocolate Biscuit Cakes and Panforte and Jennifer and Wendy are concocting amazing jellies and chutneys to go with the hams and pork pies. We have Norfolk Dapple Cheese, Wells Alpine and Binham Blue, and from France there is the wonderful Brie de Meaux, Vacherin Mont d'Or and some cracking little goat's cheese.

We have an amazingly efficient ordering system, (see the Christmas Order sheet on this website) but come Christmas Eve, we will breathe a sigh of relief as the last order leaves the shop, when all the hampers have been sent/ collected and every customer has left with all their shopping.

A Very Happy Christmas from us all.

The Green, Burnham Market, Norfolk PE31 8HF